anderes Wort wordpress widget

The ein anderes Wort widget for wordpress higher than version 2.8 lists a certain amount of synonyms for a search term in the sidebar. The amount can be specified in the admin panel. A button is added to the visual post editor which can be used to choose a synonym for the currently selected term.


  • ajax-based widget with search formular for the sidebar
  • the maximum amount of wordgroups to be displayed as and also the maximum amount of words out of each wordgroup to be displayed is adjustable
  • plugin for the visual editor for simple replacing terms with synonyms by a mouse click
  • multi widget ability which enables adding any desired number of instances of the widget to any number of sidebars

Download and installation

download anderes Wort Wordpress Widget Version 0.2.1 (the few labels in the plugin are only available in German language)
  • first of all you should unpack the zip archive file and copy the contained file andereswortWidget.php and also the subdirectory andereswortWidget with its contents to the wordpress plugins directory wp-content/plugins/.
  • now activate the plugin in the wordpress admin panel

  • the widget is added automatically to the sidebar. Maybe you want to customize the arrangement to the widgets earlier present and the widget settings.